Meghan Trainor invites JoJo Siwa to Tears with $100,000 Donation to Her Childhood Cancer Foundation


Meghan Trainor invites JoJo Siwa to Tears with $100,000 Donation to Her Childhood Cancer Foundation

Christmas came early this year for JoJo Siwa and her Childhood Cancer Foundation.

The Time 100 honoree, 18, was graced with the organization’s biggest donation yet as she filled in last week as a guest host on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, having her pal Meghan Trainor appear with her on Wednesday’s episode.

“I watch your show every single day, but I watched the episode where you talk about the JoJo Siwa Childhood Cancer Foundation, and I worship you,” Trainor, 28, raved. “I’ve met a lot of fans who are going through that with their family members. It’s very hard, and so, I appreciate you so much for doing that, and I’m so beyond proud of you and I worship you. And I wanted to make a donation.”

Trainor then presented Siwa with a massive check for $100,000, which quickly brought Siwa to tears. “I’m not crying, I swear,” the Dance Moms alum joked.

“It’s been a solid 12 hours since I’ve cried, but this means so much. Thank you! This is going to help so many kids. I had no idea about this, I’m so caught off guard,” Siwa continued. “This is the biggest donation that we’ve had yet to the charity.”

Siwa launched the non-profit earlier this month, explaining that it was “something I’ve been wanting to create for YEARS.”

“Throughout my years of being in the public eye I’ve met hundreds of kids and families affected by childhood cancer and every single one of them has a piece of my heart!” she wrote in the announcement.

“I’ve been working on creating this foundation to help make kids who have been diagnosed with cancer have a better life, I wanna re do hospital rooms, take them on trips to Disney, surprise a whole pediatric hospital with new play rooms, anything to just see kids smile!” Siwa added. “I will also be using this foundation to donate to families affected by childhood cancer to help with costs of everything.”

Trainor and Siwa’s friendship was also recently featured on Siwas Dance Pop Revolution.