Mzansi coments to Mnakwethu Reunion


Mzansi coments to Mnakwethu Reunion

Mzansi coments to Mnakwethu Reunion 

The second Reunion left viewers even more angrier, as MaShelembe’s pain got more visible. She had to face her husband’s mistress, turned wife number 2, who disrespected her in front of everyone.

Makhosi Shelembe obtained popularity on Mzansi Magic show as the Mnakwethu wife who got blindsided by her husband and his family. She lived with her baby daddy Langa who sought the help of Musa Mseleku, to let his wife know that he plans on taking a second wife.

The disrespect of the second wife, MaSithole proved too much for MaShelembe to handle so she packed her bags and went home. She touched many people’s hearts and therefore gained sympathy from the masses, especially women who wanted to make her pregnancy an enjoyable one.

She got treated to two baby shower’s in KwaZulu-Natal and the second one was attended by self-proclaimed polygamist trendsetter Musa Mseleku and his first wife MaCele.

On last night’s episode of Mnakwethu, MaShelembe put MaSithole in her place when she said she wants to be the pillar of their marriage. She said this because she felt angry at how MaShelembe took charge of her life and made decisions about her life without her permission. Apparently MaSithole is not permitted to set foot in Langa’s house until he fully pays MaShelembe’s lobola.

MaShelembe let Langa and his second wife know that she feels disrespected, “y’all are disrespecting cause I’m nothing,” she said.

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