“You Must Deal With Your Man Wena” Makhadzi tears into Babes about Mampintsha

"You Must Deal With Your Man Wena" Makhadzi tears into Babes about Mampintsha

“You Must Deal With Your Man Wena” Makhadzi tears into Babes about Mampintsha. Past weeks have given us the longest beef between Babes Wodumo and Makhadzi, and recently, the Zwivhuya star has put the final nail in Babes’ coffin.

Live on Instagram, Babes went on fury so seriously that she insulted her mother-in-law and cursed her with every word in the book. Then she turned to Makhadzi, called her smelly, said she does not bathe, and said that Makhadzi was after her husband, Mampintsha Shimora.

All of this, Makhadzi let slide, and all of Mzansi chalked it up to Babes having a mental episode of some sort. Everybody assumed that was the end of it and moved on.

But it wasn’t long until Babes returned with the second episode of the saga. This time, she directly accused Makhadzi of sleeping with Mampintsha, and asked her to stay away from him.

Makhadzi did not let the second affront go unanswered. She recently went on Twitter with a response that dragged both Babes and her man. She implied that she would never even be interested in Mampintsha, and said Babes should stop trying to use her name to trend.

She further said it was embarrassing that her man would see her trending for another man, especially one she was not even affiliated with. With that, she concluded saying that she had forgiven Babes, and would be getting back to work and other important things. But it seems the incident struck a deeper chord than she thought, because she has returned with more.

In a video that has been circulating online, Makhadzi gives her side of the story. She says that she met Mampintsha in the studio when she went to work. She said it was her management that organised for her to go to his studio, and it wasn’t even her own idea.

On getting to the studio, Babes allegedly tried to stop her from recording with Mampintsha. Babes felt like she was the one who discovered Makhadzi, so the latter should record with her rather than with her man.

When she stepped out of the studio, Mampintsha allegedly followed her, which she could not control. It is not her fault that he followed her, she said, and that it is not her job to control who looks at her.